Neutron Trail – Elemental

Neutron Trail – Elemental a live, interactive presentation debuted April 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. In May, I took the presentation on the road to Chicago, Boston and New York. From West to East, the response has been overwhelmingly moving and powerful.

In Neutron Trail – Elemental, I take you to key stops along the Neutron Trail and share what I’ve encountered so far in my ongoing inquiry into the legacy of my grandparents Laura and Enrico Fermi and  the nuclear legacy we all share.

Follow the Neutron Trail with me and discover the potential of paradox. Through images, stories, guided visualizations and bits of history and science, learn about the choices we made then and imagine the choices we could make now. Contact me to discuss booking a presentation of Neutron Trail – Elemental.

Comments from Participants:

“…For me as a Japanese person, born and raised in the country that suffered a great deal, this presentation stirs especially complex feelings in me. Yet Olivia’s story fascinates me.


“Olivia Fermi’s presentation is informative and interesting. It helps us to understand the background history of the fateful event and also the fragility of the world we live in. Because this is her personal story, it gives us a sense that what happened and is happening is a lot closer to us than just a piece of history…”

Yukiko Onley, Photographer, Vancouver, CANADA


“…My father was a tail gunner in the bombers of World War II. He was indelibly marked with nightmares, guilt, and residual fears, buried beneath swagger and style. His solace was nature, and of course his love of us. … Growing up in the north, we hunted and fished. He taught me to box, and he taught me an incredible reverence for life and the necessity of peace. He rests in peace now, but his lessons and life are my legacy too.

“This story is as big as the sky.”

Jay Samwald, Filmmaker, Vancouver, CANADA

I find an extraordinary resonance with Olivia Fermi’s deeply personal and dedicated working through of the Fermi Effect conundrum. In Neutron Trail – Elemental, she weaves her insights into the life and death images of Georgia O’Keeffe with the stark post-Manhattan Project landscapes of the desert. As she herself finds her way into the landscape, so do we – leading to a sense of acceptance and renewal. The invitation to join her on the Neutron Trail offers us a pathway towards coming to some kind of peace with this time in our history.”

Sharifa Morag Benepe, Morag Benepe Designs, NY, NY

Photos Above of Northern New Mexico by Olivia Fermi © Copyright 2009

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