Transmedia, Europe and the Neutron Trail

Slide from my upcoming talk at TEDxTransmedia Rome: September 30, 2011.

Rome, Italy vies to be called the starting point of the Neutron Trail. It is the birthplace of Enrico Fermi and his wife Laura and where I will celebrate my grandfather Enrico’s 110th birthday on September 29, 2011 at a special location in Rome.

The next day, I am giving a TEDx talk at the MAXXI, also in Rome. The occasion: TEDxTransmedia, a conference dedicated to socially responsible media. Transmedia is current lingo for utilizing a variety of media — books, websites, films, apps, games, songs, events, etc – to spread coherent content. The idea is to utilize the strengths of each type of media to share specific aspects of a story in a multi-dimensional, and at its best, interactive form.

The Neutron Trail is a dynamic, multi-dimensional inquiry, into our shared nuclear legacy, perfectly suited to taking advantage of the variety of media the term transmedia suggests. For example, playing a ceremonial game of squash in 2009, tied the physics of a squash ball to the the physics of the first nuclear reactor. The game was filmed and made into a video loop displayed at M.I.T. as part of a larger exhibition questioning our mental contructs and beliefs around the development of nuclear energy and the a-bomb.

Next stop CERN, Switzerland to visit the European Nuclear Research Institute. If all goes as planned, I’ll tour the facility and meet with the renowned nuclear physicist and renewable energy advocate, Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia.

Stay tuned for updates as events unfold.

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