TEDxTransmedia Rome, Italy

What if socially responsible human beings? On September 30, 2011, I gave a seven-minute TEDx talk: Becoming the Inspiration You Seek: the Alchemy of Opposites. It was part of TEDxTransmedia Rome: What if… socially responsible media?, a one day speech fest at the MAXXI Museum sponsored by the European Broadcasting Union, RAI 5 and others.

This poem is a synopsis of my speech:

reality and imagination,
a pressure cooker of contradictions.
be curious
embrace opposing forces

as Buddha suggests, build a stainless vessel*
to contain the most difficult opposites
in your life and your work…

reach out
become our own heroes!

~ ~ ~

* Buddhist dedication: By whatever boundless merit we have attained through practicing the precious genuine dharma of the supreme yana may all beings become a stainless vessel of the supreme yana. Dharma = teaching, Yana = method

Here is a link to playlist of all of the TEDxTransmedia Rome 2011 talks.

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  1. Michele Hall says:

    Congratulations Olivia. Fabulous. Great opportunity to share some interesting insights about yourself, the world and your fascinating grandparents. Wish the talk had been longer. It’s the kind of talk that gets smoother as you do it more frequently and this info is new – not the same as you shared in your Neutron Trail talk in Vancouver. Kudos for doing it.

  2. Olivia – Congratulations, well done on your presentation. You have successfully bridged our growing awareness of who we are from within, with the awesome power of creative force – the responsibility and a more enlightened perspective on how to approach these two forces. I’m looking forward to future presentations.

  3. Brian Harris says:

    Greetings Olivia!

    Your central message of deeply knowing all formations that arise in our being and responding to them with compassionate awareness is one way of describing an aspect of the perennial wisdom expressed by our world’s spiritual traditions. Thank you for the ever timely reminder.

    All good wishes, Brian Harris

  4. Marina Milner-Bolotin says:

    Hi Olivia:

    You did an amazing presentation and you looked great there. I also loved how you used pauses… The idea of using the concept of a pressure cooker throughout your presentation was very powerful. It was a very unexpected idea to see how these different things can come together so naturally. The questions you posed to the audience are very powerful and relevant. And the slides you used are very good! I especially liked how you talked about your grandmother. WELL DONE!!!

  5. Eva Waldauf says:

    You did a wonderful job! Truly impressive! You were clear and focused. I love the concept of holding the contradictions within us, as you use it with the issue of our Nuclear legacy. I agree we do hold the solutions within us.
    I also enjoyed your discussion about your family and the feeling that you were expected to be a hero in some way, when you were younger. Holding contradictions within us is a sign of emotional maturity, life isn’t black and white and to live within that helps to deal with the realities of life at all levels. I wish you much future success!
    Eva Waldauf

  6. Thank you Olivia. It was 4am and couldn’t sleep. Your insight helped me put my fever on the opposite forces at work inside my pressure cooker. Instinctively we try to relieve the pressure but sometimes more pressure in the equation makes the situation pop into the next quantum.

    I have done a lot of museum / public (interactive) “pressure cookers” installations myself. I’ve always wanted to propose one to CERN. Would really enjoy talking to you about it.

    Thank you again for your new light on a old situation.

  7. Carl says:

    Hi Olivia…I was right there with you, as you breathed, I breathed, as you laughed I laughed…It was an amazing experience. You left me wanting more. I thought that the pace was a little slow, though there were moments where you were right on. I wanted clearer links…I understand, but others have not.

  8. Olivia Fermi says:

    HI Carl, Thanks for raising this. The pauses were time for people to make their own links – and – I was speaking to a European audience.

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