About the Neutron Trail

Neutrons are the neutrally charged particles my maternal grandfather Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) used to begin to penetrate the secrets of the atom. The Neutron Trail invites us to use an inclusive neutrality rather than either/or logic to penetrate the pressing problems putting humanity’s future in peril.

The Trail moves through uncharted and ever changing spaces that don’t exist on a normal map. Sometimes spotting the Trail is easy. Often we need to reflect for long periods before finding a new way forward.

I started by following the scent of a question my grandfather asked us to consider. What do we need to become mature enough to use nuclear technology, and indeed all technology we have created, safely and beneficially? I delved into the choices we made in the past and what values motivated those choices, to discover new possibilities for our future.

How can we evolve our cultural beliefs to live in harmony with the natural world? How might we learn to respect ourselves and our environment in ways that support all life? What new paradigms might inspire us to learn to live in ways that value political, cultural, economic and religious divides?

As the pressure to adapt to an ever more quickly changing world increases, where do we go and how do we move? We can migrate from one place to another, in search of a better life. But we’re running out of physical space.

The root meaning of immigrate is to move into. What new realms, beyond geography, are we moving into? The Neutron Trail reveals the collective growth of our species as an immigration story — not just from physical place to place, but also from one evolving value system into the next.

Traversing the Neutron Trail, in community, has opened my heart and helped me to grow profoundly in ways I could not have imagined. I am grateful to my family and the many supporters and fellow Trail walkers I’ve met and continue to meet. You motivate me with your penetrating questions. You inspire me with your stories about challenging the world to grow in new ways on the Neutron Trail.

Toshiko Tanaka, atomic bomb survivor, and I sharing stories about our lives; thoughts on art, action and healing. Photo: © Noriko Nasu Tidball 2014.

Toshiko Tanaka, atomic bomb survivor, and I sharing stories about our lives; thoughts on art, action and healing. Hiroshima, Japan. Photo: © Noriko Nasu Tidball 2014.