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First Steps for Neutron Trail Documentary

In our Neutron Trail documentary film shoot yesterday, John O'Brian and…

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Nuclear Cinema as Cultural Mirror

Sunagawa #5 (1955) by Nakamura Hiroshi. ANPO: Art x War. www.anpomovie.com

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Sharing Stories… On the Neutron Trail

Artifacts of my grandparents: first edition cover of Laura Fermi's New Y…

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Dancing Physics and Society: The Matter of Origins

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange - The Matter of Origins. Photo: George Hagegeorge …

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Experiencing Trinity

Trinity Site marks entrance to original ground zero, site of first atomic bom…

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Playing Squash

Matthew Day Jackson & Olivia Fermi: Playing Squash, 28 minute video loop…

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Circle of Dust

What is my life in this moment?
A circle of dust within
A small explosion become…

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