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Happy Birthday Enrico Fermi 110

For years I have wanted to visit my grandfather’s lab on Via Panisperna…

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Transmedia, Europe and the Neutron Trail

Slide from my upcoming talk at TEDxTransmedia Rome: September 30, 2011.

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Enrico Fermi Time Capsule Opening

What's in the Enrico Fermi time capsule? Olivia Fermi, Dr. Paul Weiner (g…

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Montclair State University Hosts Neutron Trail

Students with Olivia Fermi after her Neutron Trail presentation at Montclai…

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BBC World Radio Interview with Olivia Fermi

In the wake of the crisis at the Fukushima Nuclear plant in Japan last week, BBC…

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Dancing Physics and Society: The Matter of Origins

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange - The Matter of Origins. Photo: George Hagegeorge …

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A Warm Welcome – INPC Nuclear Physics Style

Lawrence M. Krauss delivers lively keynote address at INPC. Photo: TRIUMF

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Playing Squash

Matthew Day Jackson & Olivia Fermi: Playing Squash, 28 minute video loop…

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